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Sarah Clausing. 19. I owe it all to Jesus.


San Francisco road trip

Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating, but it is ridiculous for us to think we have the right to limit God to something we are capable of comprehending.
-Crazy Love, Francis Chan  (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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All I want in life is a close girl friend in college that likes to camp and hike and climb and do cool things, and loves God.

I wish I could start over


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

Honestly this is my life

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That’s how you know you love someone, I guess. When you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.
-Kaui Hart Hemmings (via larmoyante)

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u know what the worst thing about being a girl is… is when another girl asks u for a hair tie, but its ur last one, but u can’t say u don’t have one because she knows its on ur wrist, so u give it to her, and then she says “oh i’ll give it back!” knowing damn well she won’t, and u sit there sad because now you have to go buy another pack of hair ties that u know ur gonna lose by the end of the month

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